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Guide to Kissimmee Hotels FL and Hotel Accommodation in Kissimmee Florida

Help Booking Kissimmee Hotels in FL

How to make an on-line reservation

Select the hotel or motel in Kissimmee you are interested in. Now enter the dates of your visit and select any preferences. When you click "Check Availability" you will be shown the room types and rates available for your stay. Scroll down and review these rooms, rates and descriptions. In order to make a reservation, click on the "Select Rate" button next to the desired details. The Booking Request Form will then be presented. You must have a secure Web browser (E.g. Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) in order to continue any further in making a firm room reservation.

How to cancel

If you wish to cancel a reservation made by yourself, click on the "Cancel This Reservation" link. The reservation cancellation request will be sent electronically to the hotel in Kissimmee for immediate processing. A reply is normally received within a few seconds. Also, a confirmation of your canceled reservation will be sent to the email address you entered. If you wish to re-send a reservation confirmation to the original email address, simply click on the "Send Details via e-mail" link. If you do not wish to cancel the reservation, simply select an item from the tool bar, or use your browser's page back function to return to a previous page, or exit your web browser.

If your reservation has been confirmed, a notification will be displayed on your screen, and a copy sent by Email.

Security Information and Guidelines

Due to the openness and accessibility of the Internet, guidelines have been established on the number and type of transactions an individual may attempt. These guidelines are listed below:

  • One Booking per Credit Card per Hotel each Day.
    This means that a customer can make one booking per credit card per hotel per day. Reservations may be made at different hotels on the same day using the same credit card.
  • Email Information
    Sensitive information such as Credit Card Numbers and Expiration Dates will not be sent through the Email system. All sensitive information will be encrypted by your browser's intrinsic security functions.
  • Security
    All reservations and forms used to retrieve reservations send information in an encrypted format to ensure privacy.

Multiple Room Reservations

For the safety of the hotels in Kissimmee, the online reservation system only allows one reservation (for up to 4 rooms) per hotel per credit card per day. To make more than one Kissimmee reservation at a hotel in a single day please contact our Travel Reservations Center and speak to a reservationist who can make all the reservations for you.

Customer Service

Travel Reservations Center

Reservations Center Hours: Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM through 8 PM, CST (Add 6 Hours to Times for GMT)
TOLL FREE 1-888-254-0637, USA and Canada
International Toll Free 00-800-84469370 or +1 972-894-1181
Give Promo Code 11067 when calling.
972-894-1221, Fax

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when I make a reservation?
    Entering your credit card information and hitting the submit button will result in a new screen showing a confirmation or reference number which should be used for any further correspondence with the travel reservation center. Additionally, all reservations will be followed up with an email using the same confirmation or reference number. Please make sure that you only hit the submit button once as hitting it more than once may result in multiple bookings or reservations errors.
  • Are taxes included in the rate?
    Most rates do not include taxes.
  • Will my credit card be charged when I book my reservation in Kissimmee?
    This varies on the type of rate selected and the hotel selected. All Hot Rate reservations are charged at time of booking as are any service fees noted in the rates and policies section of the site. For additional information please refer to your hotels individual deposit policy.
  • What if I need a specific room (non smoking, handicapped etc...)?
    Please enter your request in the request field of the reservation form. We will submit your request to the hotel and the hotel staff will do their best to accommodate these requests, however we cannot guarantee that your requests will be granted because they are subject to availability upon arrival.
  • Is the room per person or per night?
    Rates are quoted per room on a nightly basis unless otherwise specified. Additional people, children, rollaway beds and other items may be subject to additional charges.
  • How do I know if I qualify for a specific rate?
    Rates displayed may include but are not limited to government, corporate, senior and AAA discounts. You may be required to present special documentation at check in to confirm you are qualified to receive that rate. Please refer to the rate description for information regarding ID requirements. Please do not expect to receive these rates at check in without the proper identification even if you have selected it online.
  • Can I use special coupons from the hotel?
    Currently we cannot accept special hotel coupons towards your reservation.
  • I should receive a discounted rate. How do I get this?
    The rates displayed are the only rates available to this site for making reservations. If you do not see the rate you are looking for it may not be available for your dates of stay or through this site.
  • What if there will be more than 2 adults in the room?
    Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in the rooms at a charge (usually between $10-$20 per extra person per night) provided the bedding in the room can accommodate extra persons. Most hotels do have a limit on how many people may stay in a room type so please make sure that the room you are viewing can accommodate your party before confirming your reservation. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your party size the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms. Please note that the Travel Reservation center will not be responsible if you book a room type that cannot accommodate your party size.
  • Our children will be traveling with us do they stay free?
    Usually in the US children under 12 years of age stay for free in their parents room using the existing bedding, in most other countries only children under 3 stay free. The age requirements differ depending on the specific hotels policies and may sometimes be viewed in the hotel information. When not listed, please contact customer care for assistance.
  • I entered more than 2 adults how come there are only double rooms showing available?
    The site will show current availability at the selected hotel. If the room types displayed do not match your request it is because the hotel does not have availability for that room type. Our system does not have the ability to pre-select the room type based on the number of travelers so you must make sure that the room you are reserving can accommodate your party before confirming. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your party size the hotel may cancel the reservation or require that you book additional rooms. Please note that the Travel Reservation center will not be responsible if you book a room type that cannot accommodate your party size.
  • What are the minimum age requirements?
    Please be aware that some hotels may have minimum age restrictions or requirements when reserving a room. For example, some hotels with casinos may require you to be 21 years of age to check into a room. Please inquire with a customer care agent or with the hotel directly.
  • Are rollaway beds available?
    Most hotels offer rollaway beds and cribs for an additional charge (usually $5-$10 per night). Some may have restrictions on what room types will allow rollaway beds. Please include your request in the request section of the reservation page.
  • What is the hotel check in time?
    Hotel check in time is usually any time after 3PM.
  • Will the hotel hold my room if I am arriving late?
    Because your reservation is guaranteed with a credit card the hotel is obligated to hold your room until 7Am the day after arrival.
  • What if I arrive early in Kissimmee?
    Early arrival is a request that you should note in the request section of the reservations page. As with any request w will submit your request to the hotel and the hotel staff will do their best to accommodate these requests, however we cannot guarantee that your requests will be granted because they are subject to availability upon arrival.
  • What if I do not receive a confirmation at the time of booking or a blank screen comes up?
    If you do not receive a confirmation at time of booking please wait a few moments and check your email as you may have received the confirmation via email. If you do not show this in your email please contact a customer care representative.
  • How do I view my room reservation after it is made?
    From the website home page click the review reservation link and enter your fist name, last name and either your confirmation number or the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make the reservation. Please note the name must be entered exactly as it was entered on your reservation. If you are still unable to access your reservation please contact our customer care center.
  • What if I do not receive my email confirmation?
    If you do not receive an email after making a reservation it may be that we have the incorrect email address or your ISP may have blocked the email. Please contact our customer care center and we will re-send the confirmation by email, fax or regular post.
  • What if the hotel says the rate is not correct?
    If the hotel is telling you that your rate is higher than you are confirmed please check any extra person charge notations on your confirmation, most times this will explain the rate difference. If you do not have extra persons please contact our customer care center for additional assistance.
  • How long will it take for the hotel to show my reservation?
    The time it takes for a hotel will vary by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation within an hour from booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel reservation department is closed) There are certain reservations that are booked out of an allotment and while your room is guaranteed, the hotel will not have your name on the reservation until approximately one week prior to arrival.
  • What if I arrive at the hotel and they do not show my reservation?
    All of our reservations are confirmed with the hotel or its management company so if you arrive at a hotel and they do not show the reservation please call our Customer Care Center at 888-245-0637 immediately and we will advise the hotel on where to find the reservation.
  • I received a confirmation but I am now being told the hotel is sold out what do I do?
    If you have a pre-paid reservation and the hotel is sold out we will make every attempt to find a similar alternative to re-accommodate your reservation or you will be issued a full refund. If you do not have a pre-paid reservation it is the hotels responsibility to help re-accommodate your reservation to a nearby property.
  • What do I do if I need to change my reservation?
    If you need to modify your reservation please contact our customer care center for assistance. Please note that you may be required to cancel your original reservation and rebook for the new dates. However, we suggest you first check availability for the new desired dates, to avoid any disappointment from canceling your first booking if the new dates are not available. Cancellation fees will still apply, as the first reservation is considered "cancelled," but credit will be given for unused room nights if applicable per the cancellation penalty.
  • What is a cancellation policy will my credit card be charged if I do not cancel my reservations?
    Cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel but are implemented by hotels to avoid holding a room available for a guest who will not use it. If you do not cancel your reservation within the allotted cancellation period, the hotel will charge a penalty (usually 1 night room and tax) to the credit card given to reserve the room. Please be sure to review the cancellation policy for your hotel carefully during the booking process. If you have questions about the cancellation policy for your particular hotel reservation please contact our customer care center for assistance.
  • My cancellation policy reads "Cancel 24 hours prior to arrival" and I plan on checking in at 11PM. Can I cancel my reservation by 11PM on the day before my arrival?
    Cancellation policies are related to the hotel check in time, not your projected arrival time. If your hotel cancel policy lists a 24, 48 or 72 hour cancellation policy it means you must cancel by 4PM local hotel time of the date in question.
  • How do I cancel my reservation?
    Reservations may be canceled online. Please follow the instructions on how to review your reservation on line. You may also contact our customer care center to cancel reservations. It is your responsibility to obtain a cancellation # for your reservation. If you are unable to reach our customer care center, you may call the hotel directly to obtain your cancellation # and then contact customer care as soon as possible after obtaining the number from the hotel. Where can I get directions to the hotel, shuttle information etc..? Many times this information is listed in the information page on the hotel. If it is not listed on the web site, please contact the hotel directly.
  • What is a service fee?
    A service fee may be added to your reservation for use of the services of the website. Service fees are charged at the time of booking. Please refer to the rates and policies section for individual service fee information.
  • What is a Hot Rate?
    Whenever you see a Hot Rate icon, you are assured that the site has negotiated a special rate with the hotel. Our Hot Rate program offers special rates that will save you up to 70% off retail rates at thousands of brand name and quality independent hotels. When you book through the Hot Rate program, you can be confident you are getting a great deal.
  • What is a prepaid reservation and why are Hot Rates Pre-paid?
    Pre-payment from guests allows hotels to extend their deepest discounts. The hotel room is charged to your credit card at the time of the booking. Hotels typically collect payment information separately for incidentals such as meals, movies, parking and phone calls. Cancellation terms and fees apply to pre-paid bookings. Prepaying your hotel room assures the deep discount rate is "locked in" and paid, so you will not be subject to room rate increases.
  • How can I book more than one Hot Rate room at a time?
    At this time you can only book 1 Hot Rate room at a time.
  • How does the hotel know I have already paid for my room?
    After you confirm your reservation you will receive a pre-paid voucher via email. Simply print this voucher and present to the hotel upon check in.
  • What if I find a lower price after booking a Hot Rate?
    If you find a lower price on anther website within 24 hours of purchasing a Hot Rate reservation we will cancel the reservation and waive all penalties provided that the reservation does not fall within the hotels cancellation penalty period.
  • How can I obtain a receipt for my hotel room?
    Your voucher is your receipt, please retain a copy of your voucher for your records. If need an additional copy of your voucher please contact our customer care center and we can re-send the voucher via email.
  • What if I need to change my Hot Rate reservation?
    Please keep in mind that any changes or cancellations of a pre-paid Hot Rate other than the addition of more nights will incur a $25 penalty fee. Changes to a Hot Rate reservation may require cancellation of the original reservation and rebooking at the current available rate.
  • What is the refund policy on Hot Rates?
    All changes or cancellations prior to arrival are subject to a $25 processing fee. Reservations changed or cancelled inside the hotels cancellation period will incur an additional charge of 1 night room and tax. If I check out early on a Hot Rate reservation, can I obtain a refund for the nights I did not stay? Upon arrival and check in at a hotel, you are responsible for the entire length of stay. No refunds or credits will be issued for any nights reserved but not consumed.

Last Updated 01 September 2014
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